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the great escapeNext week I will be attending The Great Escape festival located in the lovely city of Brighton in South England. I’ve heard that this is THE festival to attend to see young up and coming bands before they break through to the main stream.

I’ve been to Brighton before. It’s just an incredibly lovely city and I can’t wait to walk the boardwalk again, visit The Lanes for some weird shops and cafes but mainly I can’t wait to drink the beers it has to offer and of course meet the lovely people.

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to gather information about the bands which are playing the festival. It’s been kind of hard, I couldn’t find that much by Googling terms like “Bands to see at Great Escape” so my main source of information has been Twitter, this great music blog called Breaking More Waves and then listening to random artists on Spotify who’s names sound cool.

What I’m most excited about the festival is how much it sounds like Iceland Airwaves, which I attend every year. There are about 40 venues, over 400 artists signed up and music gigs all over town in every bar and cafe.

Anyway from my search I’ve come up with my list of acts that I have to see at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton next week:

Seinabo Sey

I love this girl! Her voice is amazing and the beats in some of her songs are too catchy. Originally from Sweden and under contract from Universal. From what I’ve read, she’s tipped to be one of the stars to break out this year. Check out her songs Younger, Pretend and Words.

Real Lies

There’s something about Real Lies that I like. They take me back to some kind of a 90’s sound. Kind of like Moby, kind of Fatboy Slim-ish, there’s some Gorillaz there. A cross between reggae, house and indie rock. I don’t know – it should be good.

Rag N’ Bone Man

This guy is riding a road paved by artists like Hozier and Ben Howard, but with more rhythm and bass. Deep voice and somber lyrics. Plus, he’s Brighton-born so I suspect strong local support. Should be a good gig.


Another Swedish girl on my list. I like her sound, it’s pop music about life, love and growing up. Check out her song “Don’t Wait”, it’s awesome.

Django Django

Scottish party indie rock. Does that make any sense? I was going to see them at Iceland Airwaves but they had to bail due to illness. They’re headlining the Friday night, so you’ll know where you can find me!

Speaking of Iceland Airwaves….

I have to hail my fellow Icelanders who will be there. There will be four Icelandic artist playing at the festival and I’m definitely showing up for support.

Sóley, who is kind of indie-pop, kind of folks music. Really beautiful voice. Her song Pretty Face has over 18 million plays on YouTube!

Low Roar, who play eery, kind of Sigur Rós-y tunes. They’re more upbeat though, with more strings.

Júníus Meyvant – Iceland’s next folk star. He’ll be acoustic at the festival, sort of like he plays here.

Vök, my favorite of the four at the moment. Really smooth tones with electro beats, synths and saxophone. They won the Icelandic Battle of the Bands in 2013 and have been rising since. Check out their new single below.

There are band whom I have looked at and will be on my to see list which I did not include in the list. This is the likes of Mick Jenkins, Alo Wala, Ho99o99Shamir, The Cribs, Oscar & The Wolf, Cairobi and more. I have a list on Spotify of bands that I’ve checked out.

I’d love to be sent some more suggestions if there is something I’m totally missing. I’d also love to connect and get a beer over the festival. Hit me up on Twitter for any one of the before mentioned. See you in Brighton!


This is my first post in English but if you’re an efficient Google Translator you might have some fun reading through some of my other music posts which are written in Viking….err Icelandic.